Asst. Dr. M. Alaboudi Conducted a Research Project and Won Award

Asst. Dr. M. Alaboudi conducted a research project on using technology while following Flipped Classroom approach in teaching at higher education settings. It was done at two phases and each phase presented a different article at two different conference:  for this presentation, she won BEST PRESENTATION AWARD at the International Conference on Higher Education. Alaboudi, M. presented a paper titled Teaching Research Methods at the Graduate Level Utilizing Flipped Classroom Approach; An Action Research Study. It was presented at International Conference on Higher Education, London, UK. (2019, May)  This paper discussed a research project carried out with first year graduate students enrolled in research methods course prior to undertaking a graduate thesis. The research was designed for the objective of creating a research methods course structure that embraces individualized and activity-based approach to learning in a highly engaging group environment. The results highlight students; expressions feeling invested in the process of their learning as they saw their own research “gradually come to life” through peer learning and practice during workshops. Based on the results of this study, the research methods course structure was successfully remodeled and continues to be delivered.

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