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Guidance and Psychological Counseling BA Program

Guidance and Psychological Counseling BA Program

About the Program

Guidance and Psychological Counseling as a profession in the world is one of the highly sought-after career fields in Turkey as well. It is a discipline that seeks solutions to the problems that arise in the family and education system in the selection of profession, along with the rapid social change brought about by industrialization and urbanization. Ibn Haldun University was founded to train psychological counselors who can bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures with the aim of solving the current problems with the valuable teaching staff in the field of Guidance and Psychological Counseling. It aims to provide learning environments for students to explore psychological counseling and support methods in different cultures and to find research opportunities. As a learning and teaching policy there are ways to recognize the existing methods, to discover the innovations, to create alternatives, to think differently and to produce independently. For this reason, it has set out to provide new and original project and practice developments that can bring out the original and autonomous abilities of the students and to work with them so that they can do all these mentioned.


Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department in İbn Haldun University conceives to be a prestigious and internationally recognized department which produces new approaches by blending traditional and modern theories, brings practical solutions to local problems by following developments at the global level, develops psychological counselors who synthesize Eastern and Western cultures by acting on the principle of ideological independence.


The mission of the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at Ibn Haldun University can be summarized as follows:

·        Classical and modern theories are assimilated, application skills are developed at the highest level,

·        A culture of neutral and ethical work with the notion of independence has been adopted,

·        Be able to identify everyday life problems and to be able to produce practical, creative solutions to these problems,

·        Educationally and socially disadvantaged groups can take psychological services with social responsibility awareness,

·        Work with schools and other social institutions in a coordinated manner to produce suitable projects, provide training and consultancy services,

·        Providing new, creative and alternative application recommendations using modern research methods,

·        To train psychological counselors who can explore the personal, cultural and spiritual values that they possess and who can move forward towards self-actualization

Qualification Awarded

Students who have successfully completed all required and elective courses included to curriculum are granted Bachelor of Science Degree in Guidance and Psychological Counseling field.

Graduation Requirements

Students who completed all courses included to his/her program (total ECTS corresponds to 240 credits) and have minimum 2.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) over 4.00 are eligible to graduate from Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergraduate program.

By the end of study, the students who have GPA between 3.00-3.49 are evaluated as “Honor Student” who have GPA between 3.50-4.00 are evaluated as “High Honor Student”.

Employment Opportunities 

Guidance and Psychological Counseling program graduates;

·        can work on preventive mental health in public and private sector.

·        can work in all educational institutions as the School Psychological Counselor. Supporting them during the development process of the students, reducing the risk factors, and prioritizing the interventions that lead to crisis moments are priority tasks.

·        can serve as psychological counselors and administrators in kindergartens

·        can work at family and child courts, police headquarters, juvenile branch units, prisons, under observation and follow-up by children under state protection

·        can work at the Guidance Research Centers (RAM), which are located in the district's National Education Directorates, develop guidance programs for schools and apply psychological tests.

·        can take part in universities as academicians. They can continue their education life with graduate and doctoral options and they can get specialization.

·        Can take part in psychological counseling units that work towards the mental health of the students and staff of the universities.

·        can work as psychological counselors at special psychological counseling centers.

·        can work in special education and rehabilitation centers.

·        can take part in human resource units of public and private institutions, in career counseling centers, in vocational training and public education centers.